MIT e-Planning Seminar

Pedro Ferraz de Abreu

e-Planning Seminar, Chair

"Synthesis and Review: Where to go from here?"

Friday, December 12, 2003

MIT Rm. 10-401, 12:15PM - 2:00PM

Suggested DUSP Discussants: e-Planning Seminar students Claudia Canepa, Laura Colini, all past DUSP faculty discussants, and Meghan Fennelly (overview of IT-related DUSP work)

Issues raised and major areas of inquiry
Suggested methodologies and approaches
Next steps that make sense for DUSP

The e-Planning Seminar guests and DUSP discussants brought us many issues and conceptual challenges.

Did it contribute to a "better world-wide view and understanding of the current major issues and corresponding leading research on urban information systems (UIS) / information technology uses and impacts in planning" ? What major areas of inquiry did we identify?

The seminar was intended to facilitate dialogue across a broad cross-section of DUSP about some of the shared issues, methods, and implications of "e-planning". Thanks to a significant number of DUSP faculty and students, SPURS fellows, students from other MIT departments and other Universities, the e-Planning Seminar generated a depth and breath of discussion on these issues that is new at DUSP, raising inclusive possible areas of inquiry to be embraced in the near future. The same can be said about ICPPIT03 and the positive dynamic of international joint statements of interest that engaged some DUSP faculty and created ripple effects still on-going (funding offered for projects and reports, joint project proposals with DUSP faculty, international exchange programs in motion, etc.).

What are the next steps that make sense for DUSP?


e-Planning core document, by Pedro Ferraz de Abreu and Joseph Ferreira Jr.

International Conference on Public Participation and Information technologies (ICPPIT03) and, USA< MIT, November 2003

International Conference on Public Participation and Information technologies (ICPPIT99), Portugal, FCT-UNL, October 1999

Claudia Canepa, Laura Colini, Linda Kim

Claudia, Laura and Linda were students of the Related Course: 11.950 "e-Planning Seminar" , T 6-7.30 PM, room 9-554 (Instructor: P. Ferraz de Abreu)

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