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Joint PhD on e-Planning

Within the e-Planning Consortium, 4 Universities in Portugal (UL, UTL, UNL, UA) registered in 2008 a new Joint PhD Program on e-Planning. MIT-DUSP's Associate Head participated in the opening of the new Program, underlining the cooperation around the e-Planning research agenda.

In 2014, after the merge of UL and UTL in the ULisboa, a new edition of the Program was certified.

This transdisciplinary Program is supported by several Research Units ranked as "Excelent" and "Very Good" by the National Science Evaluation Entity (FCT), and builds on the ePlanning Agenda. Classes with international students are in english. Interested students, including non-portuguese citizens, may apply since 2008 (the Program is offered every new school year; registration is open in regular seasons).

Admission Period is open for e-Planning Doctoral Program candidates. Interested students can apply on-line for any of the institutes, and all students can take courses in any of them. You can find about process and deadlines at each Institution site

  • University of Lisbon, [FA-UL] , open February 2021


  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa, [FCT-UNL] (check for deadline update on site)

  • Scientific Committee of the Joint ePlanning PhD Program (2013-20) :

    • Cristina Catita (Prof. Auxiliar, FC-UL)
    • Eduardo Anselmo de Castro (Prof. Associado c/ Agregação, UA) ,
    • João Joanaz de Melo (Prof. Auxiliar c/ Agregação, FCT-UNL)
    • José Pinto Paixão (Prof. Catedrático, FC-UL)
    • Pedro Ferraz de Abreu (Prof. Catedrático Conv., ISCSP-UTL, FC-UL, FA-UL)

  • Joint ePlanning PhD Program Chair:

  • Institutes integrating the current edition of the Joint ePlanning PhD Program:

    University of Lisbon (UL):
    • FA-UL : Faculty of Architecture
      • Dept. of Urbanism
      • Dept. of Social Sciences
      • Architecture, Computing, Design
    • FC-UL : Faculty of Sciences
      • DI: Dept. of Computer Science
      • DEIO: Dept. of Statistics and Operational Research
      • DEG: Dept. of Energy and GeoSciences

    New University of Lisbon (UNL):

    • FCT-UNL: Faculty of Science and Technology
      • DCEA: Dept. of Environmental Sciences and Engineering

    University of Aveiro (UA) :

    • DCSPT: Dept. of Social, Political and Territorial Sciences
    • DeCA: Dept. of Communication and Arts

    For more information contact any of the above Institutes, or the Program Coordination.