23 April 2012:
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    14 December 2011:

    e-Planning Joint PhD

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  • Joint Master Program on e-Planning

    It was already aproved by the Science Councils of ISCSP-UTL and FC-UL a Joint Master Program on e-Planning.

    More information soon.

    e-Planning "Consortium"

    Portugal with MIT

    Several Universities, Research Centers and other Education Institutes created an informal "Consortium on e-Planning" in Portugal, in collaboration with MIT (USA) and other international institutions.

    The Portugal e-Planning Consortium, in collaboration with MIT, presented its research agenda and curriculum on the 27th March 2008 in a colloquium held at ISCSP (The Institute of Social Sciences and Politics), Technical University of Lisbon, at the "Polo da Ajuda" Campus. The colloquium included presentations by several MIT and Portuguese University researchers.

    Within the e-Planning Consortium, 4 Universities in Portugal registered a new Joint PhD Program on e-Planning, taught in english. Interested students, including non-portuguese citizens, may apply since school year 2009/2010.

    In this site you will find updated information concerning the new agenda on e-Planning, including Doctoral Program, Research, Exchange Programs and links to activities engaging civil society.